Small business marketing is all about putting the rocks in first.

For those unfamiliar with the expression, putting the rocks in first is all about getting the important and big things done first, then being able to fill around the big things with all the smaller things until the bucket or glass is full as can be.

In marketing for small businesses its about making sure the following big things are done;

  • Website (this might include a Facebook page)
  • Brand identity, look and feel
  • Stock images to use in the early days.
  • Pillar post content – core content which engages and helps your customers
  • Benchmark and measure NOW and FUTURE goals / outcomes
  • Fundamentals of a Plan / Strategy
  • Personal / professional image where relevant, including staff.

When the basics are covered, then you can focus on the tactics and optimization which will really push your marketing success. Some examples might be;

Product company large value items – the first thing might be showing potential customers a detailed comparison between your products and others, with pricing and detail which makes a potential customer, go wow, I learned something there and …… they might not buy from you right there, what you have done is created something of value and your brand just might stick in their mind.

There are thousands of tactics available to help your business stand out from the crowd. The key is putting the rocks in first. Expanding the range and volume of people looking at your business.

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