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Most frequent questions and answers

What is included in the starter plan?

You get a dedicated account manager who will understand your business marketing. They are your personal link to everything needed to get you more sales, including project management, reports, strategy, planning, budgeting and more.

How does it work?

Your business gets a dedicated “Slack” channel where 99% of the work on your marketing is managed. The other 1% is when a phone call is needed to explore an idea.

Does Foxy also do strategy for us?

Yes we do. Strategy is all about getting you more sales, what’s needed every day to get you more sales. We optimize strategy all the time and track the progress for you.

We have a marketing team already, can Foxy do the project management for us?

Yes, if we are working with your team on projects.

Do you help big business?

We focus on small business only. Big business sometimes uses our services for smaller projects. Our love of marketing is more about helping smaller businesses grow.

Can we use other tools like Canva or Fiverr and still use Foxy?

Yes! All these Free tools are available and we can help align everything with your overall marketing plan. It’s a Smart way to save thousands on marketing for your business.

How quickly can we expect to see results?

You see results in the Free Trial. Expect to see results every month. The result Foxy wants you to see is more leads and more sales for your business and it can take 2 to 6 months while your marketing is optimized. On average our clients experience a 10x ROI within 6 months.

What is the Q&A technology?

Foxy has developed a Q&A technology which is included in the Starter Plan. Our account managers use the technology to help optimize your marketing. You have access to 1000’s of ideas and strategies for your business growth. In time this will be a Free Tool you can use anytime, anywhere.

Are there any lock in contracts or hidden costs?

No. You can leave anytime and there are No hidden fees and charges.

If I have an idea, maybe design, maybe a tactic, will Foxy implement that for me?

Yes. Your dedicated account manager is there to help you get your creative hat on and enjoy getting more leads and sales, we encourage it.

The starter plan sounds really good, whats the catch?

There is no catch. Marketing is all about consistency and focus. Your dedicated account manager provides the focus and the Foxy team provides the consistency. You can spend as little or as much as you like on advertising and design work but at $49 per month for 24/7 access with Foxy, the alternative would be thousands a month with other agencies.

What does it cost to get a logo done?

Working with your dedicated account manager you can get a logo done for less than $30. The best part – all our logo’s are created not recycled.

What do all the other marketing things cost, like video, ad's etc....?

For the first 6 months a good budget for your small business is between $50 and $500 per month for everything in the top 3, including; design, content, strategy, video scripts and more. When your marketing is reaching targets and getting results then you can increase your budget and maintain a great ROI.

The Starter Plan gives you an account manager who collaborates with you on what is needed to grow your business. It could be an event for your VIP clients or a flyer to send out for a new promotion. You get to decide how much you spend and we help you get what you need for the lowest spend possible.

Are the Foxy account managers mine to keep?

They are real people, you can’t keep them but you do get consistency by having the same account manager over time.

Can I call my Foxy account manager?

Yes. We are 99% an online service, giving you the best marketing for the budget. But sometimes a call is needed, especially where a complex idea is much quicker to talk about.

How long does the Free Trial last?

The Free Trial goes for up to 5 business days. By the end of the trial you will have your marketing under control.

What is marketing out of the Box?

Imagine you opened a gift wrapped box and inside was everything you needed for your business to grow and you could start to enjoy the gift right away – That’s marketing out of the Box.

Do you outsource and how do we manage quality?

We have team members all over the world who help us deliver 24/7 marketing. Your dedicated account manager is normally in the same country as you are.

Your account manager is also responsible for the quality of the work delivered, which is expected to be to the highest standard possible. Your account manager is skilled in linking your business and ideas with a creative team delivering results.

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