1000% ROI – it’s not good enough.

Foxy is for small business only. A small business is usually less then $1mil in turnover (typically from $200k to $2mil).

A small business usually has an owner manager, maybe a couple of business partners. They typically have to wear a lot of hats; sales, marketing, delivery, product, cleaning and more….

A few things usually happen when it comes to marketing

  • Try something which doesn’t work out of the gate and give up.
  • Get a quote for strategy costing thousands and no implementation.
  • Can’t get creative done fast and when needed.
  • Struggle with the complexity of marketing – advertising, Facebook, social, Google, pricing, competition and more…

Foxy understands and developed marketing out of the box, specifically for small businesses.

When your business starts at the start and lays the right foundation, you can expect 10 x return on your marketing budget. What you need to be ready for is how to manage the growth.

A lot of media and marketing companies will talk about 30% ROI, or 213% ROI, Foxy talks about 1000% ROI because we are only for small business and we start you off slowly with marketing, you can spend as much as you like later, for now start small and get it right.

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